Diet: extensive breakfast yes or no?

What are the consequences of skipping breakfast on our weight?
For a long time, breakfast was said to be the most important meal of the day. But what's the point of this statement? Is it really important to have a substantial breakfast and what are the effects on our health and weight? Researchers have now found that whether we have breakfast in the morning or not makes no real difference in weight.

What effect does it have on our weight if we skip breakfast in the morning? Do we lose weight more easily or do we actually gain weight? Is breakfast really so important for a good start to the day? Researchers have now attempted to find the answers to all of these questions during an investigation. They found that it made no difference to our body weight whether we had breakfast or not. The doctors published the results of their study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Study examines data from approximately 12,000 subjects
Some people refrain from breakfast in the morning to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight, the doctors explain. In the 1960s, a long-term study associated with eating breakfast, along with a good night's sleep and regular exercise, was associated with better overall health and increased life expectancy, the authors add. But in recent years there have been increasing doubts about this statement. Canadian researchers are now studying the data of approximately 12,000 adults for their study. They found that breakfast consumption was not consistently related to differences in the body mass index (BMI). The doctors also found that there was no prevalence of overweight. Breakfast eaters lose weight no easier or worse than people who completely do without breakfast.

Researchers don't find any particular benefits of breakfast
Eating habits have changed a lot in recent years. A survey found that one in five respondents did not eat breakfast or only had coffee in the morning. Another 25 percent said that they do not eat breakfast, but that they treat themselves to a yogurt or energy bar in the morning, the experts explain. It is striking that many younger people in particular do without breakfast. There was a significant difference in eating habits.

The younger people ate breakfast in the morning when they had the time and the desire. When the researchers looked at the scientific evidence, they found no particular benefits of breakfast. Many people are not really hungry in the morning after getting up. So it is entirely sufficient if these people consume a yogurt at ten o'clock, say the doctors. For some people, skipping breakfast might actually work best.

It is advisable to have a high-protein breakfast
According to the researchers, there is no real disadvantage if you skip breakfast. It is not important when we eat in the morning, it is more important what we eat in the morning, the experts explain. If a breakfast is made up of highly processed carbohydrates (sugary cereals, sweet rolls), it could be healthier to consume than not to eat breakfast at all. The high insulin level can cause the body to store more fat, the researchers explain. It is therefore more difficult for those affected to lose weight. In addition, a breakfast with lots of refined carbohydrates can make people feel hungrier than normal later in the day, the authors add.

It is more advisable to eat a high-protein breakfast to get hungry for longer. Foods without carbohydrates, especially protein and fat, slow down our digestion. Another study found some time ago that a high-protein breakfast can help people better control their appetite and eat less the rest of the day, the researchers explain. (as)

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